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Special reports

You can pay on-line for our services

We offer the special reports for all other branches and for all companies having special requirements and expectations.

To prepare the special reports i.e. the list of buyers for your specific product or list of producers of specific products we use all available sourcing method to pass to you the most complete information.

How we prepare the special report:
  1. We use our database for the specific branch. We use all other sources.
  2. We select companies dealing with your products.
  3. We are contacting personally each company and we check the current offer of the company and the interest of the company in your products.
  4. We are preparing report for you containing all data of the company, all required by you information and our special notes regarding the company.
  5. We need usually up to 14 days to prepare the report.
Prices for the special reports vary from 200 to 500 euro and are subject of individual discussion between our company and any interested party. Please send to us the requierement form. Please check our references from our clients which have used our services . We have clients from : India., Pakistan, Hongkong, Dubai, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, USA and much more.

We welcome all you questions and we remain at your service.
We have clients from many countries like: India, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, UAE, France, Italy, Pakistan and much more.

Please pass to our reference list.

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