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regeneracja włosów zniszczonych

Footwear,leather products, raw materials for footwear and leather industry

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Sander international

kotly mughlana tehl sambrial sialkot pakistan post code 51080

tel: +920558293066
fax: 0092558290609
www: www.sanderintl.net
email: info@sanderintl.net

Contact person: +923466740305

Offered products:
We are manufacturers and exporters of following:

Saftey Gloves
Welding Gloves
Motor Bick Gloves

Foot Balls
Match Balls
Training Balls
Hand Balls
Volley Balls
Motor Bick Jackets
Motor Bick Pants
Cordura Jackets
Cordura Pants
We have clients from many countries like: India, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, UAE, France, Italy, Pakistan and much more.

Please pass to our reference list.

05520 Konstancin Jeziorna, Poland
ul.Paderewskiego 56
fax +48-22-6195205
email: send message
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