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Mobile :00971-56-1076065
>> Email : exp@firexuae.com
>> Emirates Fire Fighting Eqpt. Factory (Firex) PO.Box 22436 Sharjah United
>> Arab Emirates
>> Phone: 00971-6-5340300
>> Fax: 00971-6-5340090
>> www.firexuae.com

email: Khaled Obeidat [exp@firexuae.com]

Contact person: Khaled Obeidat

Offered products:
First we are a superior leading fire fighting company in the region of
>> Middle East also in Africa called Emirates Fire Fighting Equipments
>> Factory
>> L.L.C (FIREX) located in United Arab Emirates. Our company vision is to
>> establish a bigger market/customer base in Europe region, since we are
>> globally registered known and approved company for many related
>> organization
>> one of them is the International Civil Defense Organization; however we
>> are
>> prepared and convinced to enter the different markets aligned with our
>> company mission to expand our products worldwide. We have a strong
>> reputation and brand image which comes from our Products quality
>> standards
>> and competitive prices; add to that the liability also flexibility in
>> serving our clients (shipping, after sales process), which make us a
>> trust
>> worthy company.
We have clients from many countries like: India, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, UAE, France, Italy, Pakistan and much more.

Please pass to our reference list.

05520 Konstancin Jeziorna, Poland
ul.Paderewskiego 56
fax +48-22-6195205
email: send message
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