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Mineral and Chemical Products,plastic and rubber

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Lianmeng Group

Skype: sunyizhi2001
Website:www.lmjt.com www.leaguechem.com
MSN SPACE: http://sunyizhi2001.spaces.live.com/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5 97133127

email: frank sun [123@lmjt.com]

Contact person: frank sun

Offered products:
The biggest sorbitol------mannitol-----urea-----AMPS --- Manufacturer in China.
We have clients from many countries like: India, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, UAE, France, Italy, Pakistan and much more.

Please pass to our reference list.

05520 Konstancin Jeziorna, Poland
ul.Paderewskiego 56
fax +48-22-6195205
email: send message
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